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Creative, innovative and simplicity with a smile. Creating the details for your home, and making products we want to exist. Working closely next to each other, and being in contact with you as a customer.

We enjoy making outstanding, unique and sustainable products. We specialize in what we make and give our products the attention and love they need. Because only then, we believe, we can live up to the quality of the things we enjoy making. To do the things we enjoy most, and to make you happy.



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Our story

From single room to premises

As a student at the art academy Magdalena had the dream of starting something for herself. With this dream, and a pretty decent to-do list, she started Uniquewinkel in 2012.

It all started in a small room in the house where she lived, as a ‘second job’. After 5 years of hard work, she decided to quit her day job and devote herself to that, what she really wanted. Meanwhile, and again 5 years later, Uniquewinkel has moved from that little room (and as time went by also the living room) to an actual premises. In the years that passed, Uniquewinkel has changed and improved quite a bit. Not that long ago, we custom made dog stickers on a weekly bases. Nowadays you won’t find these stickers in our shop anymore. But, even after those 10 years, our goal hasn’t changed. Create the things we can be proud of. We design, make and wrap up. When you get in touch with us, you’ll get a response from Magdalena & Etiënne. In the end: Uniquewinkel is developing. But at the core, we still are that business that started in small space, 10 years ago.

Our team


The creative brain, allrounder and reason Uniquewinkel exists.

“I basically put all the time I have in my business.
I design, I discover and I make things I want to exist. And with that, I am making my own dreams come true. I love to combine everything there is to do throughout the day. We’re a small team and we’re all involved in everything that’s going on.

I have three cat catleagues who keep me company during the day. I love them, Slake ánd architecture and art”


The technician, productprotector and sportsman

“I take care of all technical things for Uniquewinkel. I manage the cutting machines, make sure the films are cut out in the right way and I do a quality control for everything we maken. I wrap up and pack the orders and make sure they are in the hands of the courier asap.

I like to be active in my free time. Kite- and windsurfing in summer and skiing in winter. And I love to go for a rollerskate with Magdalena when everything is rolling well.


The communication-ninja, marketeer and wanderer

“I feel incredibly lucky to work with Magdalena and help Uniquewinkel grow. Everything you read had gone through me. Do you have a question, we are here to answer them. Do we have a new product, then I try to make sure you know about that.

I do this remotely from South-Africa. Starting my days with a Beachwalk with my dog Bali and ending them preferably in the ocean on my surfboard.

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