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Pretty (but) expensive, why?

Beautiful designs of window film, but what is the price based on? Sometimes we get the reaction that our foils are (too) expensive. We understand where this question comes from....

Beautiful designs of window film, but what is the price based on?

Sometimes we get the reaction that our foils are (too) expensive. We understand where this question comes from. Are you aware of what our prices are based on and what happens behind the scenes?

Well we are here to tell you. In this blog we’ll comprehensively explain why our prices are what they are.

Individual approach for each order

We don’t do mass production, which is why our range isn’t directly suitable for every customer. It’s more important for us to sell fewer products with a guarantee of higher quality and price, rather than more products with inferior quality.

Every design is adapted to the personalized dimensions and we leave nothing to chance. Each foil is tailored separately to the specified pattern. It’s our mission to make the design come out as beautiful as possible. This does not only apply to the photos on our website, we think your window is much more important.

We focus on quality

Environmental protection is important to us, which is why we make sustainable products. It is important that the foil is easy to stick, hard to break, and a reusable product.

Of course there are aesthetic reasons to consider, the foil must have the correct color, be light and also offer privacy.

We have tested many options over the years. The quality static window film that we now use meets all these expectations. The price of the material was not important to us. Quality comes first and we set the bar high for this.

Own production

We make our window film ourselves, here in the Netherlands. That gives us the opportunity to create a nice working environment where we can enjoy our workplace. Every window film passes a quality check that we also carry out ourselves. If there is an error that escapes our attention or we have sent the wrong size, don’t worry. We will ensure that you have a new product at home within the shortest possible time!

Material costs are not everything

We produce and sell. This is why we know exactly what needs to be done and what the costs are to deliver your window film to you as desired. A search for solutions, new materials, products, designs and patterns. Prototyping and testing, sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging materials. Let’s not forget the warehouse space, marketing costs, instructional videos, machines, software, courses and we’re probably forgetting a few things. We believe that all these aspects come together in the end product and ultimately results in your satisfaction!

We don’t compete with price

We don’t compare our prices with competitors. Films may look similar, but the quality can be completely different. For us, it’s the details that count, and we focus on those details. We’d much rather be involved in creative, new designs and customer service than following and comparing the competition.


Our wish is that when you buy our films, you have the feeling that you are buying a truly unique product. From the very beginning of Uniquewinkel, it has been our mission to make beautiful, timeless, personalized products.

We create products that we want to exist

This is our motto. And if that product has a higher price and may not be for everyone, we don’t see anything wrong with that. It is not our ambition to make products for everyone. We simply cannot make everyone happy. And if we can make you happy, we are 100% committed to it!