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Static window film

Vertical window film • Sunshine

You won’t get more sunshine than this. See the sun rise and down. You can enjoy this every day, for the whole day. It’s a mesmerising sight.

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Our advise:

Please measure the window carefully before entering your measurements! The foil does not stick to sealant edges or other edges around the glass. Therefore leave a (minimum) space between the edge and the foil. You ultimately create the exact dimensions of the film on the window yourself when you apply the window film.


Film height


Extra information:

The sun x number of centimeters from the bottom of the film to see who's in front of the door? Let us know.

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Vertical static window film with cut-out design | decorative window film

Designed by Magdalena Kok

Static vertical window film to enjoy for years. Each uniquely designed and available on only.

Easy to apply to the window because of its static quality and even correctable while applying. Put the film in place and carefully wipe the water away under the film to have a final result without bubbles.

To create more privacy and to block the strongest sun rays. Specially made for you with the measurements you send us, and we even adjust the design to these measurements.

All films are made of the same quality and all designs can be combined.

For this design particular

  • Each element of this film must be applied separately. The film comes with measuring strips so you can make the distances perfectly equal without having to measure. You use these measuring strips while applying the film and remove them from between the elements after application.