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How to put on static window film?

Easy to apply without air bubbles because of the static quality

Step by step Guide to sticking your film:

1. First, clean the window. You can use a washing-up liquid, glass cleaner or spirits for this. Make sure that dirt, dust and small hairs are removed.

2. We’re going to install the window film! Wet the clean window thoroughly (with clean water).

3. Carefully remove the window film from the protective paper layer, and stick the film in the right place. Consider the points below:

A) Does the design consist of multiple elements? Then stick each piece separately and one at a time.

B) If your window film is large, do not immediately remove the entire protective paper Remove the first half and glue this side. When you are happy with the first piece, remove the rest of the film from the paper, and stick the remaining piece. Our tip? Install a larger film in two separate stages.

4. You can continue to carefully slide the film (if it is well wet) in place. This way you can slide until you are satisfied with the position.

5. Wrap the supplied squeegee in a dry (tea) towel. The squeegee cannot scratch the window film as a result, and the water under the window film is absorbed into the cloth.

6. Use the squeegee to remove the water from below the surface of the film. The easiest is to start in the middle, and wipe the water out to the edges

7. Make sure that the window film is completely dry and that no water remains under the film. Even the smallest water bubbles can be wiped away.

8. Give the film 3 days to dry completely.

We wish you a lot of fun with your new window film!